Boost Your Web Development Career With HTML…🚀 — Part 1/4

Basic’s of HTML for Beginner's..

Nainik Mehta
2 min readDec 12, 2021

Whether you’re interested in becoming a professional full-stack developer or you simply want to learn more about how websites work, the first basic thing you need to study is HTML. So this is gonna be an ongoing series, and each of them will cover different topics related to web development. As a stepping stone, let us start with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

What is HTML ?

  • HTML — > Hyper Text Markup Language
  • Standard Markup Language
  • It is not programming language
  • Markup Language
  • Browser don’t display the html tags
  • Element's are the building block
  • HTML describe the structure of a Web Page
  • Easy to learn

Why learn HTML ?

  • Create website for yourself or others
  • Become web designer or web developer
  • Understand the web
  • Make responsible and real-world websites
Sample - HTML file

HTML Element Syntax:

Element Syntax


  • Must start with <!DOCTYPE html>
  • Begins with <html> and ends with </html>
  • <body> and </body>
  • Never skip the end tag or closing tag
  • .html extension

What we need to start :

* Required Tools and services *

This concludes Part 1 of this article. Take a break, grab some ☕ and when you’re ready, continue to Part 2! 😀
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